New: Workshop Instrument Set Up

Starting this season, Riccardo will give workshops for guitar and bass players. Get to know your instrument like an experienced luthier! Brush up your knowledge of construction and operation of your guitar. Read more about the workshops.


Repair - Maintenance - Customize

Riccardo Polistina has ample experience in building, customizing and repairing guitars and basses. With a solid background in electronics and audio engineering he also specialized in repairing and customizing (vintage) amplifiers. Riccardo can help you with:

Riccardo has his own studio and also a well equipped workplace at Stockenhof Muziek.

Technical knowledge and craftsmanship are important, but for best results you need more. Riccardo is an active musician with broad interests. He understands what moves musicians - and guitarists in particular - and he always puts technical considerations to the service of musical results and the joy of playing.