Please allow me to introduce myself

My name is Riccardo Polistina[1]. I was born in Italy and moved to the Netherlands when I was twenty.

I got my first electric guitar for my sixteenth birthday, a cheap Japanese Les Paul copy. Carefully, I put the guitar in a chair, seated myself in front and looked at it in admiration and awe. Then I thought: I can also make such a guitar!

Ten years later I was living in Nijmegen and actually building guitars. Starting out with solid bodies, before long I was building the most beautiful instruments of all: archtop guitars. Still later the bass guitar also appealed to me. It's a lovely instrument that I highly enjoy playing myself.

At the time I also built hifi and guitar amps. The solid knowledge of tube electronics which I picked up during an electronics course in Italy came in good stead. Driven by my passion for guitars, bass guitars, music, electronics and craftsmanship, I have acquired a lot of experience over the years. I'm happy to be able to use this knowledge every day in my work.

If I may sum up in a few words the essential characteristics of a good instrument:

Balance * Harmony * Energy * Cohesion

These elements always play a role in my work and my life.

  [1]  That's right folks - it's Riccardo, not Ricardo with one 'c'.